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Agave Americana
Agave Plants for Property Protector

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● Agave plants are a great plant for Preppers located in USDA zones 8 through 11 because of the needle-like ends that can pierce any unsuspecting intruder.
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● Agaves are often referred to as maintenance-free because of the ease associated with growing this beautiful drought tolerant succulent. Preppers in USDA zones 8 to 10 would want to plant the agave in a well-drained soil, in as much sun as possible, though it will also tolerate shade. If you have clay or soils that do not drain well, incorporating river sand into the hole will help increase the drainage and allow for optimum growing conditions. Every 15 to 25 years you will see a beautiful flower stalk and the main plant will die, but the plants sucker. This means that as the main plant gets bigger, you get more and more baby agaves from the same plant. You can choose to split the suckers or allow them to grow, which will cause the plant to form an impressive protective barrier ranging from six to eight feet tall. Plant your protective agaves every five feet to create a thick barrier of piercing needles around your property.
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