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How to Plant an Erect Blackberry Vine

  • You want to plant when the blackberry vines are dormant: late fall through early spring. Both varieties we offer are erect thorny blackberry plants. Dig a hole just wide enough for the roots to be spread out and plant at the same depth at which it was planted at the nursery. Remove any air pockets by lightly tamping the soil. You want to space the plants about two feet apart with the rows twelve feet apart. Do not fertilize at planting or during the first year. The blackberry vines need to be irrigated the first year at a rate of one gallon per hour for two to four hours a day, depending on rainfall, and this would be with polydrip irrigation.

  • Once the plant gets to be about three feet tall you want to snip the tips to encourage lateral branching, which helps to increase your yields. After you have harvested, you will need to remove all canes that produced fruit at the ground level, as they will never fruit again and you need to make way for the next generation of blackberry canes.

  • When transplanting it is highly recommended to use Soil Moist Transplant Mix with Minor Element and our Nutri-Pak 1st Year Fertilizer packs. The soil moist transplant mix is simply buried at the bottom of the hole and will cut your watering needs down by 50% and supply your plants with minor elements that your soils may be lacking. Nutri-Pak 1st year fertilizer packs are custom engineered with micro-porous holes to feed your plants the entire 1st year with all the fertilizer and nutrients need. Do not broadcast granular fertilize your new plants as you will more than likely burn the roots and kill the plants.

  • Planting Guide for Blackberry Vine