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How to Plant and Grow Bamboo

  • Growing bamboo is easy and requires little maintenance. You want to dig the hole twice the size of the root structure and backfill with the native soil; do not use any soil amendments whatsoever. Pack the soil and water heavily to remove air pockets; if settling occurs then add more soil.

  • When transplanting it is highly recommended to use Soil Moist Transplant Mix with Minor Element and our Nutri-Pak 1st Year Fertilizer packs. The soil moist transplant mix is simply buried at the bottom of the hole and will cut your watering needs down by 50% and supply your plants with minor elements that your soils may be lacking. Nutri-Pak 1st year fertilizer packs are custom engineered with micro-porous holes to feed your plants the entire 1st year with all the fertilizer and nutrients need. Do not broadcast granular fertilize your new plants as you will more than likely burn the roots and kill the plants. The main thing you will need to do is make sure the plants are staying irrigated until they are established. Freshly planted bamboo needs to be watered one to times a week for the first three to six months. You want to give them one inch of water every seven to ten days, and mulching at a three inch depth will help reduce your watering needs.

  • Planting Guide for Bamboo Plants