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How to Pot a Plant for Indoor Growth

  • You want to select a container that has a good size, as all the potting plants we sell grow large. You want to make sure the container has a hole in the bottom to allow for drainage, and you will want to put a plate underneath the pot to catch water runoff. Put about two inches of gravel at the bottom of the hole for drainage, and use a good soil that will allow for drainage and retain nutrients (usually a good Miracle-Gro potting soil will do). You want to measure depth so that the top of the plant’s root structure is two inches from the top of the plant, which prevents overflowing and allows fertilization.

  • Use the finger-test when it comes to watering: stick your finger in the top two inches of the pot and, if the soil is dry to the touch, add some water; if it is wet to the touch, do not add water. It is wise to let the soil dry out altogether, as most indoor gardeners tend to over-water and over-fertilize, thereby killing the plant. Use a light amount of slow-release fertilizer infrequently to avoid over-fertilizing. You will need to put the plant where it can get as much sun as possible, and in the winter pull the plants further back from the window or door to allow for proper sun, as the light changes at this time of the year.

  • Potting Instructions for Indoor Growth