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Ginger - Zingiber officinale
Medical Ginger Plants

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● The rhizome of the ginger bulb holds many medical benefits for Preppers. Ginger root is used to create a tea that can be used to treat flu, colds, nausea, and arthritis.
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● Ginger grows to a height of between two and four feet and produces multiple beautiful flowers ranging in color from white to pink. Ginger bulbs are somewhat tropical plants and need to be cultivated in USDA zones 8 through 10, but, for Preppers in northern climate zones, they can also be cultivated in a container much like Aloe vera. Ginger grows fast and reproduces quickly so there will be an adequate amount of roots for medical purposes. For optimal results, plant in full sun to partial shade with adequate access to water. It is highly recommended to plant ginger plants in your Prepper garden.
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How To Make Ginger Tea for Medicine

  • 3 ounces of ginger plant,
  • Cups of boiling water,
  • Any kind of sweetener you prefer (e.g., honey, lemon, lime, syrup, etc.),
Steps For Brewing Herbal Ginger Tea Remedy:
  1. Wash ginger bulb thoroughly,
  2. Peel bulb,
  3. Dice ginger into small pieces,
  4. Bring water to boil,
  5. Add diced ginger and let brew for 15–20 minutes,
  6. After the tea is brewed, strain, sweeten to liking and wait 5 minutes for the tea to cool, and enjoy.

  7. If using a tea pot to make the Ginger Tea:
    Pour boiling water into tea pot,
    Add diced ginger bulb,
    Put the lid on the tea pot and steep for 10–15 minutes.
*You can also increase the quantity of ingredients to make bigger batches that can be stored for longer. The tea can be enjoyed hot, cold, or at room temperature.

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